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Home Sweet Home Tray

Home Sweet Home Tray

Celebrate the joyous occasion when the journey comes to an end and you welcome your clients to their new home sweet home.

Local products from top to bottom including keepsake items they can enjoy over and over again.

Home Sweet Homes includes a stunning showpiece tray from Magenta Homes.

Made from repurposed Alberta barn and fence wood and beautiful metal handles.

Stunning Heartprint Threads throw blanket. Luxurious feel, colours and design to light up any room.

For every blanket purchased a donation blanket is given to someone in need.

Wild Folk non- alcoholic botanically brewed cocktails made up of a complex blend of herbs, botanicals, and citrus rind.

Sparkling Negroni delivers a bold, complex mix of flavours true to its roots, minus the alcohol.

Notes of rhubarb, grapefruit rind, star anise, rosehip and juniper truly shine.

Vermouth Spritz is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. With flavour notes of ginger, chamomile, hops, coriander, cinnamon and basil. This blend of herbs and botanicals is best enjoyed with pre- or post- meal.


Vanilla Bourbon wood wick candle from Natura Soy. Made of all natural ingredients and plant based products with over 50 hours of burn time.

Going Nuts Spicy Picante Pistachios. These are hard to stop eating they are that good!

Home Sweet Home sign to display from Nella’s Signs.

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