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Go Wild

Go Wild

Go Wild is meant to celebrate you and those you appreciate on any occasion!

Filled with amazing local products to enjoy anytime, such as on a night in or weekend away.

Wild Folk has created absolutely delicious and beautifully branded non- alcoholic botanically brewed cocktails made up of a complex blend of herbs, botanicals, and citrus rind.

Sparkling Negroni delivers a bold, complex mix of flavours true to its roots, minus the alcohol.

Notes of rhubarb, grapefruit rind, star anise, rosehip and juniper truly shine.

Vermouth Spritz is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. With flavour notes of ginger, chamomile, hops, coriander, cinnamon and basil. This blend of herbs and botanicals is best enjoyed with pre- or post- meal.

These free-spirited cocktails are ready to drink anytime, anywhere!

Enjoy these amazing new products in our Go Wild box along with:

Lamb’s Soapworks - Rosemary Peppermint Dead Sea Salt Polish

Suntree Soaps - Lemongrass Orange Soap Bar

Le Chocolatier Canmore - Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Nella’s Signs - Beautiful Keepsake Crate

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