Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Celebrating that special moment when the journey comes to a close and you welcome your clients to their new home.


Congratulate them with a beautiful gift box filled with local products from top to bottom. A beautiful bottle of Dande wine from Spirit Hills and delicious goodies to enjoy in their new kitchen. Keepsake items to display, a beautiful picnic blanket to enjoy and a lovely aromatherapy candle to light the way of new beginnings after the big move.


Join our Realtor and Broker programme, where we make gift giving easy and consistent for you and memorable for your clients.

Contact us anytime for more information. Rustic and Modern options available!


We look forward to making a lasting impression on such a joyous occasion.


Keepsake Wine Tray (Made From Vintage Alberta Barn and Fence Wood) - Magenta Homes

Spirit Hills Dande Wine - Spirit Hills

Light The Way Matches and Happiness Aromatherapy Candle (Orange, Grapefruit and Vanilla) - Natura Soy

Sour Cherry Jam - Preserved

Canmore Mountain Treat ( Cranberries, Almonds, Nougat, Pistachios) - Le Chocolatier Canmore

Picnic Blanket - Heartprint Threads