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Timberyard Mini Collection

Timberyard Mini Collection

We are excited to bring you a mini gift box option!

A great way to try some lovely local products while practising some self care.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the incredible scent of eucalyptus, rosemary and tea tree with your Breath candle. Exfoliate with your felted Brushed Sage soap bar. The felt shrinks along with the soap!

Enjoy a cup of Vanilla Chai tea after applying the incredible Timberland Beard Oil. Packed with essential oils to keep your beard feeling and looking amazing (cedar, patchouli, amyris, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, sweet orange, clary sage).

Want to say thank you, love you or I’m thinking of you? Treat them to this amazing mini box of self care!

Bartigan And Stark - Timberland Beard Oil

Natura Soy - Breath Aromatherapy Candle

Mary’s Soap Bar - Brushed Sage Soap Bar

TotaliTea - Vanilla Chai Tea.

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