Indulge is filled with local products from top to bottom. Starting with a keepsake wooden crate filled with sweets and treats. Raspberry vanilla and sour cherry jams. Vanilla caramel ice cream sandwich freeze-dried treats, cappuccino crisp chocolate bar and sea salt chocolate toffee brittle. Enjoy the aromas while lighting a lavender and wild honey candle and later spraying the room with a mountain bliss aroma mist spray that makes you feel like your in the mountains. Indulge your senses with these beautiful and delicious local products.


Raspberry Vanilla Jam and Sour Cherry Jam - Preserved

Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich Freeze-Dried Treats - Moon Munchies And Beyond

Sea Salt Chocolate Toffee Brittle - Sweetsmith Candy Co

Cappuccino Crisp Bar - Le Chocolatier Canmore

Mountain Bliss Room Spray (Spruce, Cedar, Fir) Lavender and Wild Honey Marketplace Jar (Sweet Lavender blends with crisp bergamot, middle notes of palmarosa, and dry sage with a woody, tonka bean and sweet vanilla base note) - Natura Soy

Keepsake Wooden Crate - Nella’s Signs And Designs