A forest can be a place where one can take in nature and unwind. That is exactly what this gift box is all about.

Gift him locally made products made from all natural ingredients he will enjoy time and time again.

Timberland Beard Oil smells and feels amazing.

Rich in antioxidants, carotenes, omega 6 fatty acids, and high vitamin E levels, Bartigan & Stark beard oil is very nutritious for hair follicles and skin. The medium-chain triglycerides deeply penetrate the dermis, thereby rejuvenating damaged cells and restoring elasticity and tone without clogging pores or leaving your face and hands feeling oily or sticky.

Cozy and stylish socks he can show off, made of 100% organic cotton.

Forest scented hand and body lotion. Let’s face it, Alberta is dry pretty much year round. He will love the natural ingredients this amazing lotion is made up of and the aroma.

Enjoy the evening with the sound of a wood wick crackling candle. Spiced Rum has the scent of a Spiced Old Bay Rum + Coke created by using clove, nutmeg and cardamom layered over top of a woody tonka base with mellow pops of citrus.

Over 50 hours of burn time in this all natural plant based soy candle.

Have him unwind and relax with this luxurious gift box today.


Timberyard Beard Oil - Bartigan and Stark

Forest Hand and Body Lotion - Lamb’s Soapworks

Spiced Rum Candle - Natura Soy

Full Crew Socks - Plainsbreaker Apparel