To all the gnome fans!!

Every stitch, every detail, every little wooden piece cut and painted and made right here in Calgary by hand. 
Mary’s Merry Mountain Men.

Each one has a very unique story and personality. 

Banjo comes with amazing local treats to taste and enjoy.  Sprinkle Jake’s gluten free legendary steak spice on all your meat fixings and salads, it’s that good!
You’ll be running out for more Sweet Chili Heat Cashews from Going Nuts once you have finished the bag.
Banjo Gnome hand made by Grandma Mary with Nella’s Signs.

Mountain Gnomes 
Collect all four
-Cowboy Gnome, Farmer Gnome, Gambler Gnome, Banjo Gnome

We are so excited to have these gnomes hanging out with us while we find them a home. Choose from curated options or contact us directly to have us customize the perfect gift for yourself and those you wish to spoil.