A Taste of Bourbon

A Taste of Bourbon

A Taste Of Bourbon is a simple and elegant gift for him to enjoy this season.

Bridgeland Distillery has crafted an incredible Taber Corn Berbon that smells and tastes exquisite.

Light a Vanilla Bourbon candle to fill the room with aromas of a sweet and smoky blend of crushed Vanilla and smooth oaked Bourbon Whiskey. Enjoy the soothing crackling sound of a wood wick candle. 50+ hours of burn time with each candle.

Top it off with Bartigan and Stark beard balm for him to enjoy. Timberyard balm has great hold strength and a woodsy citrus fragrance. It is super healthy for facial hair and skin too.


Bridgeland Distillary - Taber Corn Berbon

Natura Soy - Vanilla Bourbon Candle

Bartigan and Stark - Timberyard Beard Balm

Nella’s Signs And Designs - Keepsake Wooden Crate